Student Clubs

Student Club Advisors

Advisor of a student club is chosen among the academic staff of the university upon suggestion of the student club members and an advisor agreement is made. Term of the advisor agreement is one year; at the end of the year a new agreement is made if the advisor and the club agrees that it will be beneficial. Student club consults with its advisor about the plans, goals, expectations of the club for the year, the advisor gives suggestions and the club evaluates these suggestions. The advisor plays an advisory role, s/he can not make decisions for the club. Advisor guides the student club in matters such as setting and achieving the club objectives, planning the club program and events.

Advisor of the Student Club:

  • Assists the club in setting realistic objectives which provide opportunities for educational and personal development
  • Assists the club in expending students’ time, abilities, energy and funds for beneficial things for them
  • Is well informed about all plans and activities of the club by maintaining regular and continuous communication with the club
  • Is well informed about the goals and directions of the club and helps the club evaluate its progress toward those goals
  • Is familiar with the history of the club
  • Discourages domination of the club by an individual or group
  • Evaluates club programs and assists in promoting club interest
  • Knows well and inform the club about University rules, policies and procedures
  • Guides the club in matters about the club's affairs
  • Brings problems, achievements, suggestions to the attention of the Student Clubs and Leadership Office when necessary
  • Assists the club in setting and achieving goals that will benefit the club and students
  • Encourages the club members to manage the club, develop their leadership skills and be active participants
  • Encourages the club members to accept responsibility for specific parts of club programs
  • Provides suggestions and constructive feedback for the club