Student Clubs

Student Clubs and Leadership Office

Istanbul Arel University student clubs are affiliated to Student Clubs and Leadership Office within the Department of Health, Culture and Sports. Student Clubs and Leadership Office, having two offices in Tepekent and Sefakoy Campuses, provides service and support for Arel student clubs throughout the academic year within the scope of the following:

1. Annual Budgets

Preparation of annual budgets for student clubs according to their annual plans, at the beginning of the academic year following the meetings participated by the student clubs, Student Clubs and Leadership Office, and Financial Affairs Office

2. University Grants

Grants provided by the University to the student clubs: Operations Grant, Travel Grant, Event Grant

3. Cooperation

Coordination of the student club meetings and cooperation with the University’s academic and administrative bodies, and with public and private bodies outside the University

4. Trainings

Trainings for the students clubs in Fall and Spring semesters, including trainings in “Leadership”, “Club Management”, “Financial Affairs”, “Social Responsibility”, “Public Relations”, “Publicity and Promotion”

5. Event Planning

Planning of the student club events, including setting an event date that suits the academic calendar, organizational planning, financial planning, reservations, rentals, obtaining the necessary materials and equipment, obtaining food - drink services, planning for transportation and accommodation

6. University Organizations

Planning and coordination of institutional organizations of the University organized by the students clubs, such as FestivArel (Arel Spring Festival), Arel BookFest

7. Publicity and Promotion

Publicity and promotion of the student clubs and their events through print and visual media

8. Transportation and Accommodation

Meeting transportation needs of the participants of the student club events, transportation and accommodation needs of the speakers/performers in the student club events, transportation and accommodation needs of the student club members participating in events/organizations out of the city or the country 

9. Consultancy Service

Providing consultancy, guidance and advice for the student clubs